The diagram shows strong evidence that the boxed IRC Server is still in place and stable. The name wiramaster.com/my has been transferred to wirachat.my

WiraMaster Groups introduces WIRAchat IRC Network Worldwide. - Seth Gambles

WiraMaster Groups has introduced another new domain name registered through a Malaysian domain, in line with connecting from IRC Servers to special users for the whole world.

WiraMaster Groups CEO, Mr Seth Gambles said. "We don't need to enter the server name too long, for example irc.wiramaster.my or irc.wiramaster.com, just take it simply. If it's long, then most users get tired of this long typing."

The short server name is "WiraChat IRC Network" or server summary irc.wirachat.my when launching the Inauguration of the telecommunications tower in Kampung Gana, Papar, Sabah

About 500 residents in Kampung Gana, Papar, Sabah can now enjoy better Internet quality with the new telecommunications tower that has been fully operational since the beginning of September 2023. The inauguration of this tower was completed by the Limbahau assemblyman, YB Datuk Juil Nuatim who representing YB Datuk Armizan Bin Mohd Ali, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Sabah, Sarawak Affairs and Special Duties) and Vendor Partner, CEO of WiraMaster Groups, Mr Seth Gambles. MCMC continues to be committed in expanding coverage and strengthening the quality of broadband experience for users in the country through the WINDOWS plan seamlessly.