WiraMaster Groups Introduces Snack Food Sales Products

WiraMaster Groups Introducing a package for the sale of mobile food products throughout Malaysia effective 1st January 2014 starting from the panasonic air-conditioning malaysia sdn bhd factory, section 21 shah alam, selangor. it wants to expand other factories next for sales starting at RM1.50 for sweets including biscuits, chocolate cakes, and wafers. subject to customer request. the budget is allocated to capitalize only RM300.00 so that little by little profits become hills over time, payment through a small jar fund which is self-service payment. said Tan Sri Azmi Sahadan as the Director Officer or Chairman of WiraMaster Groups. he uses the license of the food and beverage department of the mobile hawker.

All the customers are respected, by clicking the link through the products and services on this WiraMaster Groups website.

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