Chairman WiraMaster Groups Says, Happy Eid to all Muslims around the world. to those who have spread insults, slander just netizens want UP their name. don't forget those who really let down, ruined his career dreams in his business such as sales makerting IT Servers, his veteran team Dragonforce Malaysia (DFMy) by DFio in the past, no outward or inward forgiveness, no matter the netizens around, friends, siblings own brother or half brother.

"They are you who have done evil, ruined or brought down what he has succeeded in. Surely God is just, their actions are bad and they will be questioned on the day of reckoning in the eternal mahsyar field, punished in the fire of hell."

it is better for us to be friends as a really friendly person, instead of you being good with being friendly. but but, you go to make things worse with innocent people. If a friend says something bad about you, you still don't believe it.


Chairman Of WiraMaster Groups,

Exclusive Head of RanauFM, 1BorneoTV