Radio RanauFM is back in action!!

The old days of 2009 RanauFM uses the landscape until the end of 2023. and now changes to a new look for all listeners around the world which is changed to, to ensure that is from the origin of Ranau in Sabah, Malaysia and wholly owned by one of the responsible companies WiraMaster Groups. after the fallout conflict by a netizen who is not from SABAH, one of the people working as a vehicle transporter in one of the workshops in the Ranau area, is a PATI citizen and breach of trust by the former Director of RanauFM Broadcasting Network Sdn Bhd, Encik Ali Hassan Othman @ Kula.

Following the conflict from netizens from Ranau recently. in 2020, After the removal of one of the deputy founders of RanauFM, Mr. Asrol Khairuddin, also known as DJ aOunGa, who is also a THREATENER who appointed one of the temporary founders, Mr. Jozan Lampkas, RanauFM has also followed his own path, touring the Peninsular States and Regions in Sarawak, including the country of Brunei and then to Australia, France and Germany on the instructions of the Board Member as Managing Director of RanauFM, WiraMaster Groups - Late Tuan DjJoe Rockers and now fully held by the Founder, Deputy Founder of RanauFM which has been filed is the secret.

Why was Asrol Khairuddin FIRED? if compared to advancing together in the name of RanauFM organized by Perodua Ranau, but Mr. Asrol made his own decision for his own interests in 2014, it's quite embarrassing! because he threatened the former founder Info Semasa Ranau (ISR) as the Interim Founder of RanauFM, Mr. Jozan Lampakas. This case has not been resolved until now. His name and position were dismissed and he left RanauFM immediately.